Sand, Gravel, & Topsoil

In 2001, after inspecting County’s 1”plus stone, one State of Maine Environmental Specialist stated “This Stone would be highly desirable for use in construction of onsite sewage disposal systems, and this office would endorse its use for that purpose. The pile being crushed during the inspection is easily the cleanest stone I have seen this year.”

Sand, Gravel & Topsoil

County maintains a large inventory of clean 3/8 sand can be used in filter bed systems or as road sand.
Screen Gravel is also available. 1”minus and processed packing material for site and road building.
Tailings and Over-sized Stone (bank stabilizing)
Screened Topsoil—very desirable blend of loam and sphagnum peat moss. Can make to order in large volumes for specific contract requirements.
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