Asphalt Paving
- Residential, Commerical, Municipal
- Custom Mixes to suit the customer
- Top Quality – our work is our reputation
- Experience – Paving team with 20+ years experience
- State Certified Mixes (Superpave)
Bulk Asphalt & Cold Patch
Bulk Asphalt & Cold Patch
- Wholesale to contractors and municipalities
- Custom Mixes
- State Certified Mixes (Superpave)
- Minimum 2 ton hot batch orders

Ready-Mix Concrete
- 34 years of service to the Region
- County provides a variety of quality mixes of varying strengths
- Servicing from Eastport to Ellsworth
- Pump mixes available
- Contractor discounts available
- We supply the “Do it yourself” customer
- Modern-Up to date equipment
- Computerized Batch Plant

Foundations & Floor Slabs
- New in 2007
- Save by buying direct!
- New construction or additions
- Residential, Commercial, or Industrial
- All work Guaranteed
- Free / no obligation estimates
- Team led by experienced foreman (22 years experience)

Pre-cast Septic Tanks

Precast Septic Tanks and Products
- Offer top quality 750-1000 gal Septic Tanks
- Contractor Accounts and Discounts Avail.
- Free delivery within 40 miles.
- Lift Stations and Pump tanks available
- 3’ and 4’ Well Tiles
- Tank Risers
- Residential Entry Steps
- Concrete Curbs

Crushed Stone
County maintains a large inventory of the following crushed stone products, created on site by the crushing operation:
- 1 1/2” Septic/Drainage Stone
- Also offer 3/4”, 5/8”, _”, 3/8”, and Stone Dust.
- All stone can be delivered to your site (min. load 10CY)
- Pick up in Columbia Falls and SAVE!
- Will provide gradation documentation to contractors.

In 2001, after inspecting County’s 1”plus stone, one State of Maine Environmental Specialist stated “This Stone would be highly desirable for use in construction of onsite sewage disposal systems, and this office would endorse its use for that purpose. The pile being crushed during the inspection is easily the cleanest stone I have seen this year.”

Sand, Gravel & Topsoil

Sand, Gravel, & Topsoil
County maintains a large inventory of clean 3/8 sand can be used in filter bed systems or as road sand.
Screen Gravel is also available. 1”minus and processed packing material for site and road building.
Tailings and Over-sized Stone (bank stabilizing)
Screened Topsoil—very desirable blend of loam and sphagnum peat moss. Can make to order in large volumes for specific contract requirements.
Call Today for Volumetric Pricing!

Remediation of Contaminated Soils (DEP Certified)
County is the only stationary permitted thermal treatment facility in Washington County. The Columbia Falls facility is permitted with the Maine DEP to process up to 10,000 CY of petroleum contaminated soil annually.
The location of our facility and reasonable fees make us a very desirable resource to remediation projects and or petroleum spill cleanups.